About TriniB+Co

About Our Company

TriniB and Co is a registered LLC with the state of Tennessee. We are located in the Nashville area, and we look forward to working with other local businesses! TriniB and Co is managed by Tiffany Beard, Trinity's mom.

Meet TriniB

Trinity is a 6 year old creative from Nashville, Tn. She finds true happiness when she is allowed to express herself freely though her creations. Each collection is inspired by her ideas and things she holds near to her heart, like rainbows! Her favorite part of being the CEO of TriniB+Co is being able to experiment with her ideas, and being able to see them come to life.

Trinity is learning business operations, the importance of entrepreneurship, and how to manage money through this business venture. We believe it is never to early to teach your child financial literacy, and how to be their own boss. We are glad you are here with us along the journey, and prepare to be amazed by little girl, also known as Your Local Candle Dealer! 

Limited Quantities Available

We have implemented a Just in Time inventory method, which means we only have limited quantities on hand. We forecast our sales based off the demand from the sales of the prior months. Demand for our products strongly drives our inventory levels. This system works best for us as we build our company.

Saying this to say, if you see something you like, don't wait! There is no guarantee that it will be there when you come back, and we might not sell it the next month.